Hello, Thank you for visiting us. We are Longenecker Creations, a growing family who love what we do. A bit of history on how Longenecker Creations became to be. Back in the early 1990's Jeff Longenecker, then a young father loved teaching his daughters lessons through stories. He would tell his girls a story relating to an adventure with a valuable lesson within the adventures. As Jeff told his daughters the adventurous stories, he would write the stories on paper, which began The Adventures of Critterville children's books. Throughout the 1990's up through the 2000's Jeff wrote these stories to share with his daughters until one day they asked him to publish The Adventures of Critterville stories for other families to enjoy and learn from. With that thought, Jeff with the help of his family as well as a small group of young children put together the first book of The Adventures of Critterville books. This book is called The Adventures of Critterville, The Beginning of Critterville. It was published in 2011. Since that first book we have published two more of The

Adventures of Critterville children's books, hoping to be enjoyed by children and adults alike. We have a fourth book coming to The Adventures of Critterville series as well as many more to follow. All with a great family adventure and great lessons to learn along the way.

We loved the feedback we had gotten on our books that we added a YouTube show in our Longenecker Family channel also called the Adventures of Critterville show, with the same fun and learning for the whole family. To be able to visit families and children in their homes through our books and shows, having fun and sharing a great message is so amazing for us. We truly thank everyone for the feedback on our shows and our books.

So as we saw our shows and books reaching families and with all the great emails and feedback we have received, we decided to take our messages and create designs that we could print on t-shirts.  A lesson we always try to send out in our books, shows and everything we do is kindness and helping others, that no matter how different each of us are, we are all special in our own way. We try to get this message across in the first designs we have made for our t-shirts which are the bullying designs. This lesson we stand up against in everything we do. The second book we

published The Adventures of Critterville, The First Day of School is an adventure that has many lessons in it. But the biggest lesson is about bullying or being mean to others, and how when we as a

group Parents, teachers, and students

stand together we can make a difference

in the lives of those being bullied, as well

as having a positive effect on those doing

the bullying.  Each of us can move a shovel of problems at a time, but all of us together can a mountain of problems and solve in any problem together.

With everyone involved teachers, parents and students and the community anything is possible, and great things can happen for all . If you ever get the chance to see our shows on youtube you will notice all our shows have a lesson to teach. We make sure to do two shows a years on bullying and pretty much mention it in the other shows no matter the lesson we are trying to share. We always do our first bullying show at the beginning of a school year and the second bullying show about half way through the school year as a reminder to help those being bullying and those doing the bullying.  So if you have never seen our show on youtube The Adventures of Critterville show please make a family

snack gather everyone mom, dad, the children, grandparents, and visit us on youtube,  We have a link here on our website, just click it and it will take you to the Longenecker family channel on you tube where you will find all the shows we have done for the past three years and enjoy. Just keep in mind we are a family , just like you, having fun visiting you. So from our family to you and your family thank you for visiting with us. The Adventures of Critterville books, if you wish to check them out and wish to get them for your family you can find them on Amazon.com, Barnes and Noble.com or most book stores on the internet. As for our Longenecker Creations designs for T-shirts we will have though here on the website you can check them out here.  If you have any questions, or just want to say hello, or even want to give us a birthday to us on The Adventures of Critterville show. Which we will announce on our shows as we do every month, and we love to also know anniversaries which we also do on our special day part of our show, and if you want to send us a e-mail  if you wish for us to read on our show please do we pick 2 e-mails every month to read on the show. Please contact us here on our website or  

send us an  email to theadventuresofcritterville@gmail.com.

But keep in mind if you want to send us an email you wish us to read in our shows, please send it before the end of every month. We will choose two emails to read on the show, but will reply to every single email. So please contact us even if it just to say hello. Thank you from everyone here at Longenecker Creations.

Please have fun, stay safe, and share an act of kindness. Even the smallest act of kindness can change someone's day.

Thank You.

Chef Ashley

Ranger Ashleigh

Jr. Ranger J.T.

Ranger Megan

Ranger Morgan

Through Kindness and helping others we can all make a difference

Longenecker Creations

Jr. Ranger M.J.

Crafty Bee & Mr. Edison

Ranger Nikki

Ranger Dan

Jeff as Ranger Woods

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